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Habit (n.) To inhabit.

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Home :: Home (n.) The locality where a thing is usually found, or was first found, or where it is naturally abundant; habitat; seat; as, the home of the pine..
Italian :: Italian (n.) A native or inhabitant of Italy.
Schesis :: Schesis (n.) General state or disposition of the body or mind, or of one thing with regard to other things; habitude..
Marseillaise :: Marseillaise (n. f.) A native or inhabitant of Marseilles.
Catastasis :: Catastasis (n.) The state, or condition of anything; constitution; habit of body..
Antiscii :: Antiscii (n. pl.) The inhabitants of the earth, living on different sides of the equator, whose shadows at noon are cast in opposite directions..
Denizen :: Denizen (n.) A dweller; an inhabitant.
Water Snake :: Water snake () Any species of snakes of the family Homalopsidae, all of which are aquatic in their habits..
Industry :: Industry (n.) Habitual diligence in any employment or pursuit, either bodily or mental; steady attention to business; assiduity; -- opposed to sloth and idleness; as, industry pays debts, while idleness or despair will increase them..
Formality :: Formality (n.) An established order; conventional rule of procedure; usual method; habitual mode.
Habitue :: Habitue (n.) One who habitually frequents a place; as, an habitue of a theater..
Inveteracy :: Inveteracy (n.) Firm establishment by long continuance; firmness or deep-rooted obstinacy of any quality or state acquired by time; as, the inveteracy of custom, habit, or disease; -- usually in a bad sense; as, the inveteracy of prejudice or of error..
Gregarious :: Gregarious (a.) Habitually living or moving in flocks or herds; tending to flock or herd together; not habitually solitary or living alone.
Mistress :: Mistress (n.) A woman filling the place, but without the rights, of a wife; a concubine; a loose woman with whom one consorts habitually..
Zantiot :: Zantiot (n.) A native or inhabitant of Zante, one of the Ionian Islands..
Macedonian :: Macedonian (n.) A native or inhabitant of Macedonia.
Russian :: Russian (a.) Of or pertaining to Russia, its inhabitants, or language..
House :: House (n.) A structure intended or used as a habitation or shelter for animals of any kind; but especially, a building or edifice for the habitation of man; a dwelling place, a mansion..
Deergrass :: Deergrass (n.) An American genus (Rhexia) of perennial herbs, with opposite leaves, and showy flowers (usually bright purple), with four petals and eight stamens, -- the only genus of the order Melastomaceae inhabiting a temperate clime..
Dishabituate :: Dishabituate (v. t.) To render unaccustomed.
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